Bubble Dragon in Paradise World

A romhack starring Bub as he explores a brand new world! Based on Alex Kidd in Miracle World, this demo focuses less on platforming and more on outwitting enemies and item synergy, all in a new picturesque landscape.

A legal rom of Alex Kidd in Miracle World (v1.1, UE) is required for play.

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To play this romhack, you'll need both a Master System emulator and an IPS patching program.

For IPS patching, I recommend Floating IPS. Run Flips and then click "Apply Patch" and you'll be ready to play.

If you do not have a SMS emulator, I personally use Emulicious, which is available here.

Special thanks go to Calindro for making KiddEd, and providing patches to help me when I had no-one else to turn to.