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Cassandra, a military brat with a fiery temper, decided one day that she had enough with others telling her what to do. Discharging herself from US service--by shooting her way out of boot camp--she now seeks to form a great host of mercenaries and outlaws answering only to her. A capable soldier and frontline combantant, Cassandra herself is a formidable presence on the battlefield, backed up by her hand-picked crew of battle hardened troops.

Cassandra's Host Structures

Company of Answers structures


Cost: N/A
Role: Base Construction

The Junkyard is a poor substitute for a Construction Yard, yet it serves as Cassandra's centre of operations and allows the construction of other buildings. The most vital structure of a base; it must be protected at all costs. Destruction or seizure of the Junkyard will shut down further base expansion.

Power Plant

Cost: $300
Role: Generates 100 Power

This structure provides power to other Host buildings. Due to their fragile nature, Power Plants should be placed in safe locations, as power output is directly proportional to the building's condition.


Cost: $300
Role: Produces Infantry

This structure is little better than a cantina for Cassandra's men. It allows her to recruit infantry. Building multiple Barracks will increase the rate at which infantry are produced.


Cost: $400
Role: Base Defence

A rugged, simplistic base defensive structure. The troops situated inside the structure throw grenades to attack enemies. Most effective against groups of infantry due to the imprecision of the thrown projectiles.

SAM Site

Cost: $750
Role: Anti-Air Defence

Fires surface-to-air missiles at airborne enemy units. While the launcher is recessed into the ground the site's armour keeps it well protected from enemy attacks. While firing, the vulnerable missile launcher is exposed and easily damaged.


Cost: $1400
Role: Produces Helicopters

This strucure constructs and reloads helicopters. When built, the Helipad is accompanied by a Hind attack helicopter. If the Helipad is lost, the Hind will not be able to reload its ammunition. A Helipad can be set as primary to determine where additional Hinds will spawn. Building multiple Helipads will decrease the amount of time it takes to construct a helicopter.

Cassandra's Host Units

Cassandra's Host units


Cost: $100
Role: Basic Infantry

Minigunners are basic infantry units equipped with short range rifles. En masse this unit becomes cost-effective against slow-moving armoured units such as tanks. When engaging such targets Minigunners must keep moving or the tanks will run over them.


Cost: $300
Role: Anti-Tank & Anti-Air

These infantry units are slower and easier to kill than other infantry, but can tear through armour faster than any other infantry unit. Bazookas can also fire against airborne enemies. Most effective as a support unit in diverse groups.


Cost: $500
Role: Captures Buildings

Engineers are used to seize control of enemy buildings. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. Escorts are commonly used to protect the Engineers as they close on enemy buildings.


Cost: $800
Role: Anti-Tank Air Superiority

This helicopter fires sabot rounds at enemy armour and structures. It is quite fragile so care must be taken to avoid SAM Sites and patrolling anti-aircraft units.

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