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The Company of Answers seek to provide solutions for their customers in all walks of life. With state of the art medical and research facilities, the Company has been at the forefront of innovation for decades. Recently the Company has been expanding its vision to include security matters, requisitioning advanced weaponry and hiring ex-military troops. Although they have yet to see any real combat the Company of Answers is sure to play a key part in the upcoming conflict.

Company of Answers Structures

Company of Answers structures

Construction Yard

Cost: $5000
Role: Base Construction

The Construction Yard is the foundation of a base and allows the construction of other Company of Answers buildings. The most vital structure of a base; it must be protected at all costs. Destruction or seizure of the Construction Yard will shut down further base expansion.

Advanced Power Plant

Cost: $500
Role: Generates 150 Power

The Advanced Power Plant provides power to other Company of Answers buildings more effectively than other factions' equivalent Power Plants. Due to their fragile nature, Advanced Power Plants should be placed in safe locations, as power output is directly proportional to the building's condition.


Cost: $300
Role: Produces Infantry

This structure is a field training centre for Company of Answers security personnel and mercenaries. Building multiple Barracks will increase the rate at which infantry are produced.

Guard Tower

Cost: $600
Role: Base Defence

Equipped with a high-velocity machine gun the Guard Tower is a potent defence against infantry and light vehicles. The Guard Tower fires in a distinct double-burst pattern before reloading.

SAM Site

Cost: $750
Role: Anti-Air Defence

Fires surface-to-air missiles at airborne enemy units. While the launcher is recessed into the ground the site's armour keeps it well protected from enemy attacks. While firing, the vulnerable missile launcher is exposed and easily damaged.

Technology Centre

Cost: $1500
Role: Tech Structure

Stores blueprints and architect's plans for advanced military technology, such as the Communications Centre or Repair Facility. Constructing this building grants access to the aforementioned structures.

Communications Centre

Cost: $1000
Role: Base Radar & Communication

Allows the use of the radar screen as long as there is sufficient power. The radar screen allows for long-range views of the battlefield and for commanding units over great distances.


Cost: $600
Role: Produces Helicopters

This strucure constructs and reloads Company helicopters. A Helipad can be set as primary to determine where additional helicopters will spawn. Building multiple Helipads will decrease the amount of time it takes to construct a helicopter.

Repair Facility

Cost: $1000
Role: Repairs Vehicles

The repair facility allows the repair of damaged units. Moving a vehicle onto the repair pad will begin the repair process. Note that repairs drain credits over time and that damage to the repair facility will lower the pace of repairs.

Airstrike Centre

Cost: $1500
Role: Airstrike

Constructing the Airstrike Centre grants access to the Airstrike superweapon, which calls in several A-10 Warthogs to carpet bomb an area with napalm.

Wooden Fence

Cost: $50
Role: Base Defence

Used to deter the enemy from advancing. Only explosive weapons such as grenades, missiles, and shells can destroy Wooden Fences. Any hit from any explosive weapon will destroy a section of Wooden Fence.

Company of Answers Units

Company of Answers units


Cost: $100
Role: Basic Infantry

Minigunners are basic infantry units equipped with short range rifles. En masse this unit becomes cost-effective against slow-moving armoured units such as tanks. When engaging such targets Minigunners must keep moving or the tanks will run over them.


Cost: $300
Role: Elite Infantry

Elite former Navy SEAL operatives, these mercenaries are the best of the best. They are fast moving, hard hitting and effective against all unit types. They do have a tendency to explode when killed, however.


Cost: $300
Role: Anti-Tank & Anti-Air

These infantry units are slower and easier to kill than other infantry, but can tear through armour faster than any other infantry unit. Bazookas can also fire against airborne enemies. Most effective as a support unit in diverse groups.


Cost: $500
Role: Captures Buildings

Engineers are used to seize control of enemy buildings. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. Escorts and transport units such as the Chinook are commonly used to protect the Engineers as they close on enemy buildings.


Cost: $700
Role: Anti-Tank Air Superiority

Fast and highly mobile, the Apache Longbow is equipped with a salvo of six armour-piercing rockets. Best used against enemy armour; the helicopter can also be effective against structures when used in groups. After firing its rockets, it must return to a helipad for reloading.


Cost: $1300
Role: Airborne Siege

This revolutionary helicopter uses twin tilt-turbines to fly, resulting in a hybrid of helicopter and jet propelled bomber. Equipped with a salvo of four napalm missiles, the Phoenix's incredible range allows it to level enemy bases in moments without fear of reprisal. SAM Sites are the notable exception--they can strike down Phoenixes mid-flight and send them crashing back down to earth.

Chinook Transport Helicopter

Cost: $1500
Role: Airborne Transport

Provides field transportation for all infantry, rapidly deploying new troops into, or out of battle. This unit is basically an aerial version of the APC without the weapon.

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