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The Forces of Tomorrow are a terrorist organisation with global aspirations. They are led by one man with a strange voice in his head, driving him to create what he claims is "a better world" by any means necessary. Masters of propaganda; their vision has attracted many to their cause. Deploying unusual and sophisicated weaponry, the likes of which the world has never seen, these Forces of Tomorrow appear unstoppable.

Forces of Tomorrow Structures

Forces of Tomorrow structures

Construction Yard

Cost: $5000
Role: Base Construction

The Construction Yard is the foundation of a base and allows the construction of other Tomorrow buildings. The most vital structure of a base; it must be protected at all costs. Destruction or seizure of the Construction Yard will shut down further base expansion.

Power Plant

Cost: $300
Role: Generates 100 Power

This structure provides power to other Tomorrow buildings. Due to their fragile nature, Power Plants should be placed in safe locations, as power output is directly proportional to the building's condition.


Cost: $1000
Role: Produces Infantry & Base Defence

This structure, a cornerstone of a Tomorrow installation, is a modern fortress that few units can approach and survive. Not only does the Redoubt train Tomorrow infantry units it also houses a powerful howitzer fitted into a turret comprised of reinforced concrete. Building multiple Redoubts will increase the rate at which infantry are produced.

SAM Site

Cost: $750
Role: Anti-Air Defence

Fires surface-to-air missiles at airborne enemy units. While the launcher is recessed into the ground the site's armour keeps it well protected from enemy attacks. While firing, the vulnerable missile launcher is exposed and easily damaged.

Propaganda Centre

Cost: $1500
Role: Tech Structure

Tomorrow specialises in using propaganda to sway public opinion, as well as military and scientific expertise, to their cause. Constructing this building grants access to advanced structures such as the Weapons Factory and Communications Centre.

Communications Centre

Cost: $1000
Role: Base Radar & Communication

Allows the use of the radar screen as long as there is sufficient power. The radar screen allows for long-range views of the battlefield and for commanding units over great distances.

Weapons Factory

Cost: $2000
Role: Produces Vehicles

This structure constructs Tomorrow's vehicles. Building multiple Weapons Factories will decrease the amount of time it takes to create a vehicle.

Repair Facility

Cost: $1000
Role: Repairs Vehicles

The repair facility allows the repair of damaged units. Moving a vehicle onto the repair pad will begin the repair process. Note that repairs drain credits over time and that damage to the repair facility will lower the pace of repairs.

Gene Bank

Cost: $3000
Role: Unknown

Who can say what sinister experiments are conducted at these top-secret facilities? Rumours circulate of bizarre genetic mutations as well as the production of dangerous biological and chemical weapons.

Barbed Wire

Cost: $50
Role: Base Defence

Used to deter the enemy from advancing. Only explosive weapons such as grenades, missiles, and shells can damage Barbed Wire. It takes two hits from any explosive weapon to destroy a section of Barbed Wire.

Forces of Tomorrow Units

Forces of Tomorrow units


Cost: $100
Role: Basic Infantry

Minigunners are basic infantry units equipped with short range rifles. En masse this unit becomes cost-effective against slow-moving armoured units such as tanks. When engaging such targets Minigunners must keep moving or the tanks will run over them.


Cost: $200
Role: Anti-Infantry Specialist

Devastating against infantry and soft targets; the Flamethrower is a volatile unit that requires careful use. Their weapon cares not for whom it engulfs in flames--both friendly and enemy targets will be damaged. In addition, the Flamethrower's fuel tank is fragile and will explode violently when the unit is killed.


Cost: $500
Role: Captures Buildings

Engineers are used to seize control of enemy buildings. Since they carry no weapons, they are extremely vulnerable on the battlefield and must be directed very carefully. Escorts and transport units such as the Rocket APC are commonly used to protect the Engineers as they close on enemy buildings.


Cost: $300
Role: Anti-Infantry & Anti-Air

RPGs are general purpose infantry, effective against most airborne and ground-based targets. While the heavy weapon slows down the unit, making RPGs easy targets, they deal considerable burst damage in large groups.


Cost: $400
Role: Reconnaissance

Designed for urban warfare the Overseer is a fast unit that covers ground quickly. It is equipped with a grenade launcher that deals moderate damage to soft targets. Best used for harassment or scouting purposes to take advantage of its impressive sight radius.

Medium Tank

Cost: $800
Role: Armoured Battle Tank

A solid front-line vehicle equipped with armour-piericing shells. It is effective against both vehicles and structures. The tank is vulnerable to aircraft and infantry counterattack although it can run down enemy infantry should they draw too close.

Rocket APC

Cost: $700
Role: Transport & Anti-Air

The Rocket Armoured Personal Carrier (APC) can transport up to 5 infantry units, protecting them from all damage. It is also equipped with a small rocket launcher that allows it to fire on enemy vehicles and airborne units.

Flame Tank

Cost: $700
Role: Anti-Infantry Specialist

A true terror weapon, a single Flame Tank can burn down an entire village without taking any damage. Both infantry and structures melt when torched by the Flame Tank. Heavy tanks are its bane--such vehicles have sufficient armour to protect the crew inside.

Missile Crawler

Cost: $1500
Role: Siege & Anti-Air

A devastating siege weapon, the Missile Crawler fires missiles at an incredible range which deal massive damage. Unlike other siege weapons of this type, the missiles have a very small blast radius and as such are ineffective against infantry. Like other siege weapons, the Missile Crawler requires escorting units to protect it from enemy counterattacks.

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