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The current version of Dawn of Tomorrow is 1.2a, released on August 1st, 2020. No additional downloads are required to play!

The Forces of Tomorrow

The Forces of Tomorrow are a terrorist organisation with global aspirations. They are led by one man with a strange voice in his head, driving him to create what he claims is "a better world" by any means necessary. Masters of propaganda; their vision has attracted many to their cause. Deploying unusual and sophisicated weaponry, the likes of which the world has never seen, these Forces of Tomorrow appear unstoppable.

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The Company of Answers

The Company of Answers seek to provide solutions for their customers in all walks of life. With state of the art medical and research facilities, the Company has been at the forefront of innovation for decades. Recently the Company has been expanding its vision to include security matters, requsitioning advanced weaponry and hiring ex-military troops. Although they have yet to see any real combat the Company of Answers is sure to play a key part in the upcoming conflict.

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The United States of America is a proud superpower with world-wide influence. In recent years they have been conducting a "war on terror" which has caused them to have an increased involvement in middle-eastern affairs as well as easier access to oil and other raw materials. They deploy a combined arms style using a variety of infantry, vehicles, naval vessels and aircraft to overwhelm their opponents with diverse unit compositions.

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Although Russia has decreased in prominence as a superpower with the fall of the Soviet Union many of its factories and arsenal remain intact. Military bases across the nation maintain a high level of vigilance. The Russian army has stuck with what has always worked: an unstoppable wall of tanks that crush all opposition through sheer strength. Russian tanks number among the strongest available, lacking only in the finesse that other more modern and agile armies can muster.

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Once broken, Japan has rebuilt itself as an economic powerhouse with little interest or capacity for military forces. Times have changed and recent developments have driven the Japanese defence forces to bolster their arsenal with new units and technology. Their unorthodox style has thrown off many an enemy commander: Japanese vehicles are fragile yet hard-hitting, backed up by a variety of robust infantry and air units.

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Cassandra's Host

Cassandra, a military brat with a fiery temper, decided one day that she had enough with others telling her what to do. Discharging herself from US service--by shooting her way out of boot camp--she now seeks to form a great host of mercenaries and outlaws answering only to her. A capable soldier and frontline combantant, Cassandra herself is a formidable presence on the battlefield, backed up by her hand-picked crew of battle hardened troops.

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